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Weight Distribution Cap 14x17

Weight Distribution Cap 14x17
Weight Distribution Cap 14 x 17


Weight Distribution Cap 14x17

Standing feet weight bearing exams require the patient to stand on the imaging receptor. Protection to expensive DR panels is paramount. Reina Imaging’s new 14x17 Weight Distribution Cap is now lighter, less money at yet maintains the same performance. It is rated up to 750 lb. and now is available with a clear top too.

Product Advantages
• Lightweight
• Durablee
• Small Footprint
• Slip-resistant
• Cutout for tether
• Rated up to 750 lb
• Available with clear or opaque top

Technical Information
• Outside Dimensions are 50.8 x 43.18 x 5.7 cm
• Weight Capacity is 340 kg (750 lb)