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ViZion DR and ViZion DR+

ViZion DR and ViZion DR+
Viztek has added the ViZion and ViZion + line of DR products available in multiple configurations and bundles!


Viztek’s new ViZion and ViZion + DR panels come in several different configurations ideal for various applications.

DR Tailored for Your Needs

Viztek's ViZion+ line of DR panels offers outstanding image quality in a variety of configurations to fit your needs. The 14x17 tethered and 17x17 fixed are now available with the latest in enhanced Gadolinium II technology.

Viztek’s ViZion line of DR products offers outstanding image quality in a variety of configurations to fit your needs. The Cesium panel is available as a 14x17 tethered and a 17x17 fixed panel and the Gadolinium is available as a 17x17 fixed.

Viztek ViZion and ViZion+ DR Panels

All panels fit seamlessly into existing x-ray rooms and vastly improve workflow.

New and Retrofit Panel Configurations Include the Following:
• Dual fixed detectors
• Dual solution with fixed panel in the upright
and tethered in the table
• Dual room with one tethered panel between
the upright and table
•Motorized U-Arm and Manual Straight Arm with
fixed panel
• Portable/mobile x-ray with tethered panel

Additional Information

Additional Information


Panel Specs
- Pixel Size - 150x150 m
- Active Array – 2400 x 2880
- Active Area – 360x432mm

Software Features
- Window level
- Rotate
- Repeat Reject
- Archive
- Technique Chart
- Patient ID
- Body Region
- Image Preview
- DICOM Print
- DICOM Store

Computer Specs
- Intel Core 2 Duo E7500/2.93GHz
- Dual Core
- 3 GB RAM 800MHz
- 320GB Standard Hard Drive

Monitor Specs
- Single 1.3MP 19" LCD Monitor
- Resolution 1280 X 1024
- 8000:1 Ratio


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