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TIMS DICOM System 3.0

TIMS DICOM System 3.0

Speech Pathologists doing swallow studies:

Still using low-quality VHS or DVD video?

Need to send studies to PACS in DICOM format?

TIMS DICOM System 3.0 is the answer!



TIMS DICOM System 3.0 is the answer!

The TIMS DICOM System version 3.0 features a brand new, more powerful computer platform running on the Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system. TIMS v3.0 also includes a number of increased features and workflow improvements to improve the productivity of speech pathologists, endoscopy users, and other DICOM connectivity users of the TIMS DICOM System.  Some of these improvements include:  DVI-D video inputs, PDF attachments as DICOM, improved frame range editing, folder name generator for archiving, and much more.  Below is a detailed list of some of the TIMS v3.0 improvements:


Major New Features:

  • • New, more powerful computer platform
  • • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  • • Increased video input types:  added DVI-D & HDMI
  • • PDF attachments as DICOM


Why TIMS DICOM System 3.0?

  • • High resolution video 1024 x 1024
  • • Entire swallow study available for immediate review
  • • Option to record synchronized audio with or without video
  • • "Hands Free" recording
  • • Tools for editing and labeling
  • • Adaptable to virtually any workflow


Additional "Preferences" for Customization of Workflow

Added preference to remember last used FPS chosen in the Preview Window on a per channel basis

Added preference to automatically save a study after frame limits are reached, and start a new study

Added preference to disable CD/DVD burning

Preference for setting virtual memory to use for buffering video

Added Preference to show study frame count rather than per-file frame count in status bar of Advanced Viewer

Added Preference to “Restore Default Channel After Editing”.  Useful at hospitals with GE Centricity versions before v3.3 since they do not accept compressed studies unless they are SC or US DICOM classes.


Note:  TIMS v3.0 is for new system purchases only, and is available for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  For current TIMS users running the Windows XP platform and on a current TIMS Support & Maintenance contract, please see the TIMS version 2.5 page for the feature equivalent software release.

For current TIMS customers looking to upgrade to the new TIMS v3.0 hardware platform, please contact your sales representative OR contact us using the Request Quote tab above!