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Source-Ray Digital Systems

Source-Ray Digital Systems
Built on a SR-130 or PowerMax 1260 Platform - these mobile x-ray systems are designed for fast, easy radiographic imaging acquisition and uncomplicated transmission and storage of the digital image.


Source-Ray Digital Systems - built on SR-130 or PowerMax 1260 Platforms

Source-Ray's Digital Systems provide an affordable, practical and convenient solution for Healthcare Professionals transitioning from CR to DR technology. SRI Digital Systems are a turn-key solution that includes everything you need in one easy package.

High quality 14x17 Wireless Digital Panel for excellent image quality with low x-ray dose and fast exposures.

Advanced imaging software with easy archive, print and send tools.

Store away laptop computer and Tilt Out panel storage cabinet for easy and safe transportation of both the digital panel and the grid adapter.

See the SR-130 Film Based Portable x-ray system page and the PowerMax 1260 page for specific information about those systems.

Additional Information

Additional Information


High Quality (14x17 inch) Flat Panel Wireless Detector
• Detector Type: Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)
• Scintillator: Gadolinium, or Cesium
• Pixel Size: 150 x 150 microns

On-Board Laptop Computer
• Integrated Fold-Away Design
• Intel® Core™ i5 (460M)
• 14.1" WXGA+ Anti-Glare LED Display
• 128GB SSD Hard Drive

Advanced Imaging Software
• Window level
• Rotate
• Repeat Reject
• Patient ID
• BodyRegion
• Modality Work List Software
• Technique Chart
• Image Preview
• Archive
• DICOM Print
• DICOM Store

Panel/Grid Adapter Storage Box
• Easy Access Integrated Design
• Panel & Grid Holder Protection
• Grid Adapter, 6:1, l03 Line Grid

Specifications are subject to change at any time.

See the SR-130 and PowerMax 1260 pages for specific information about those systems