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RadPRO ELITE - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System

RadPRO ELITE - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System
RadPRO® ELITE - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System Digital Radiography Solutions



Perform exams with confidence using the RadPRO ELITE - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System with 3 robust radiographic configurations that allow for easy, efficient exams needed in high volume hospital imaging departments. Equipped with a high frequency generator, four-way float elevating table, chest unit and overhead X-ray support, this modern system provides precision positioning with speed and effortless movements.


  • Canon Flat Panel Detectors
    The RadPRO Elite - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System is compatible with most Canon CXDI Digital Radiography Systems. Depending on your organization's needs, each portable and general series has either a Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium Iodide scintillator, helping to produce high resolution images that may be previewed within 3-5 seconds.
  • Radiography Configurations
    With the overhead tube support and pedestal table, patients can be x-rayed a variety of ways using the chest stand or the elevating table. Exams range from chest, spine, abdomen, extremities and more.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    Powered by Canon DR technology, x-ray images are delivered faster than conventional film or CR systems, which helps to reduce wait times for radiography staff and patients.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    Images can be previewed seconds after exposure which helps confirm patient positioning and minimizes unnecessary retakes. If another exposure is necessary, the rapid refresh cycle means the next image can be captured without affecting image quality. 
Additional Information

Additional Information

More Information





kVp Range




mA Range

10-640 (64kW) 10-800 (80kW)



High Speed Starter

Yes (Standard)



Automatic Exposure  Control

Yes (Standard)



Automatic Programming

Yes, with easy  programming on standard touch screen console



Power Output

65kW, 80kW (50kW available upon request)




Overhead Tube Stand



Longitudinal Travel

131.2 inches to 235.22 inches
(3358 mm to 6000 mm)



Transverse Travel

78.7 inches to 136 inches (2000 mm to 3450 mm)



Vertical Travel

61 inches (1575 mm)



Focus - Ceiling Distance

27.58 inches to 89.55 inches
(726 mm to 2300 mm)



Maximum Longitudinal

186.45 inches (4765 mm)



Maximum Transverse

91.57 inches (2351.5 mm)



Tube Support Rotation

+90°, -90°



Column - Vertical Axis

± 135° w/ detents every 45°



Column - Horizontal Axis

± 180° w/ detents every 45°



X-Ray Tube

300, 400, or 600 kHu




Elevating Table



Fixed Bucky

Yes (standard)



Table Top
(XM, XT, XA models only)

Elevating, Four-Way  Float w/ electromagnetic brakes
Carbon Fiber
X-ray Dose: (0.65 mm Al at 100 kVp)



Table Top Dimensions
(L x W)

87 x 34 inches (2209 x 920 mm)



Minimum/Maximum Elevating Distance

Min: 20.8 inches (520 mm) Max: 34 inches (920 mm)



Patient Loading  Capacity

660 pounds (300 kg)




Chest Stand



Fixed Bucky

Yes (standard)



Vertical Travel  (optional)

60 inches (150 cm)



Minimum Floor Distance

15.7 inches (40 cm)



Maximum Floor Distance

75.8 inches (190 cm)



Motorized Tilting Angles (optional)

+90°, -20°











Model Name

Elite XM

Elite XT

Elite XA



Positioning Movement - Manual






Positioning Movement - Auto Tracking






Positioning Movement - Auto Positioning






Electronic Tomography







660 lbs

660 lbs

660 lbs





Yes, Displays Patient Name, Study Selected, Adjustable Generator Parameters

Yes, Displays Patient Name, Study Selected, Adjustable Generator Parameters



Digital Detectors

Please contact an authorized representative.



Manual Rotating Bucky

Chest Stand (optional), Table (optional)






Specifications are subject to change without notice.