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PowerMax 1260 Portable

PowerMax 1260 Portable
The PowerMax 1260 provides high power, state of the art technology, system reliability, and low maintenance all in a small footprint, lightweight package.


PowerMax 1260 Portable X-Ray System

Source-Ray PowerMax 1260The model PowerMax 1260 was designed with agility in mind. Its compact, lightweight construction makes it easy for the operator to move the system effortlessly. Delivering maxium mR/mAs, the PowerMax 1260 produces 3kW of power across the entire kV range.  With its constant 3kW output, the PowerMax 1260 provides hospital quality imaging and offers an easy upgrade path for clinical sites transititioning to Digital Imaging.

The PowerMax 1260 provides the power required to compensate for the slower operating speeds of CR Systems, and is the ideal High Power portable x-ray system for organizations considering the purchase of CR Systems.

The PowerMax 1260 is suitable for use in Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities, Medical Examiner Offices, Nursing Homes, Home Healthcare, Orthopedic Practices, Sports Medicine, Correctional Facilities, and Military Field Deployable Applications.


 Source-Ray PowerMax 1260

Additional Information

Additional Information



High frequency Resonant Inverter


3.0kw Output - Fully Regulated mA / kVp

Input Voltage

110 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz

KVP Range

40-120 kVp, Adjustable in 1 kVp increments - closed loop regulation
Power Factor Correction

MA Range

Adjustable, 15 - 60mA Closed loop regulation

MAS Range

0.125 - 200

Exposure Time

0.01 - 3.33 Seconds


Digital display of kVp, mAs and Exposure Time X-Ray, Ready, mA Station and Fault indicators


3.6 mm al minimum @ 100kVp

4.3 mm al minimum @ 120kVp

Exposure Switch

Detachable two-position

X-Ray Tube

Stationary anode 130 kVp

Target Material


Anode Capacity

30,000 HU Storage

Focal Spot

1.2 mm

Target Angle



Collimare CP-100-24-C

Laser Crosshairs

Center Locator

Tape Measure

SID Measurement


Angle Measurement

Exposure Switch

2 Position - Prep/X-Ray

Model SR-1260 Travel Stand


Minimum F/S to Floor

13" / 33 cm

Maximum F/S to Floor

78" x 198 cm

Horizonal Ext. of F/S

21" / 53 cm

Horizontal Rotation


Tube Rotation



13" - 78" (from floor)


16" Inflatable - Heavy duty Casters

System Weight

110 lbs. / 50 kg

Product Compliance

FDA 510 (k)


Limited 3 Year

Specifications subject to change without notice.