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Poskom 20HF

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Poskom 20HF

The PX-20HF is the most compact, Ultra-light, and powerful portable x-ray unit available today.



The PX-20HF is designed especially for the veterinary practitioners and features 40-90KV in 1.0KV increments with 20 mA output. The PX-20HF is the ripple free HF generator in producing 40-50% more powerful radiation than conventional x-ray units in its class resulting in faster exposure times and more detail film images. ISO-Watt technique provides the automated mA control features make portable x-ray unit for the small and large animal (equine) practitioner for both field in clinic use.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Generator Type High Frequency Inverter Type
-1.6 KW, 80 KHz
Controller Micro-processor
Software -Remote control program: Rev 4.0
-Expendable & Up-gradable
PROM memory 4 stations: Programmable
KV range 40-90 kV, 1.0 kV increment
mA range 15-20 mA, variable
mAs range 0.3 - 50 mAs, 29 selections
Console & Display -kV & mAs Digital Display
-Prep & Exposure LED
-Collimator lamp SW
-Preset Tech. Store SW
-Reversible digital readout SW
-4 station memory selectors
X-Ray Tube Type: Fixed anode
Focal size: 1.2 mm
HU capacity : 20,000 HU
Cooling rate : 250 HU/second
Filtration : 0.8 mm Al.eq.@ 90 kVp
Laser Pointer Single Laser for SX-ray beam center
Collimator Manual : 4 blades
Lamp :50 watt, halogen lamp
Lamp timer : Built-in 30 sec. timer
Typical features -Digital readout reversible SW
-Remote control software & remote control hand SW
Auto compensation Line voltage comp +- 10%
Power requirement 110 / 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight 20 lbs.
Size 23 x 34 x 17 cm

All specifications are subject to change without notice

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  • Ultra light Weight & Compact size
  • High frequency Generator: 90KV & 20mA.
  • Affordable price for veterinary practitioner
  • Auto-line voltage compensation makes x-ray output constant without influence of a line power fluctuation
  • Built-in Halogen collimator and Laser pointer
  • Scale measure for SID (Source to Image Distance)
  • Flat touch panel digital display
  • Toggle switch for LED read-out reverse
  • Power Requirement: 112/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Standard Accessory : Power cord cable, Exposure hand switch, Metal carrying case and manual