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Pausch Paxis 100

Pausch Paxis 100

The Paxis 100 is a technicians dream machine with quality you can count on.

The installation is simple with low up-keep.

A straight arm solution capable of accommodating a standard cassette tray for CR or DR.



Paxis 100

This straight arm solution is capable of accommodating your single detector solution. It's also versatile enough to accommodate all other solutions that are on the market today. Positioning is quick and easy with a constantly aligned Bucky and X-Ray Tube. It has a motorized source to image distances of 40" to 72" with the ability to stop anywhere in between.

With it's full range of motions, it's possible to perform skull procedures all the way to the lower extremities. It has a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Due to it's unique free-standing design, the Paxis 100 provides a compact installation foot print, making it ideal for small room installations.

All movements are controlled by clearly identified push buttons on the control console. Each motion is illustrated which eliminates any guesswork as to which motion you are calling for.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Single Column Straight Arm
40-72" motorized
Motorized vertical travel Motorized arm rotation
Constant alignment of tube and bucky
4 bolts in the floor freestanding installation
low ceiling height capable

Pausch / Rad II Tube
192,000 heat units
12 to 15 degree anode options
0.6 - 1.2 target
Low to high speed options

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