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Achieve better patient satisfaction and reduce patient does with FDR D-EVO GL (shown on fixed stand)



FDR D-EVO GL is the world’s first single exposure, long-length DR detector. It offers the supreme image quality that FDR D-EVO is known for as well as the ability to capture a single 17” x 49” exposure. FDR D-EVO GL’s innovative imaging technology allows the acquisition and display of a full-format image in just 9-20 seconds and a 17” x 17” image in just 6 seconds. A full 3” wider than the traditional field of view for long length imaging, it accommodates patients more inclusively. By capturing a long-length image with a single exposure, patient hold times are reduced along with motion-induced artifacts and retakes, which help improve patient satisfaction and reduce dose.

FDR D-EVO GL detector:
• 17” x 49” active imaging area
• 52.7” x 22.3” x 2” external dimensions, 43 lbs.
• 150µ pixel pitch (2832 x 8228 active imaging area pixel matrix)
• 26 second cycle time for 17” x 49”, 10 seconds for 17” x 17”
• Patented ISS capture technology to improve dose efficiency (DQE)
• Noise reduction circuitry improves DQE and visibility in dense areas
• SmartSwitch technology (automatic x-ray detection)

FDR D-EVO GL requires a minimum of FDX Console V9.0 running on Dell 790 or HP.

Warranty: Fujifilm full system support includes a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty (excluding consumables), valid from original installation date.

Floor-mounted detector stand:
• Accommodates FDR D-EVO GL 17” x 49” detector
• Secures to the floor and wall for stability and a slim profile
• Fully manual and counter-balanced, for fast positioning without electrical requirements
• Rotating holder supports portrait and landscape orientations
• Space requirements: 76” tall x 27.9” wide x 12.5” deep

Mobile detector stand: (shown to the right)
• Accommodates FDR D-EVO GL 17” x 49” detector
• Wheeled base includes 4 dual-wheel rolling casters (2 of which include foot lock-downs) to move easily and safely to and from the exam position
• Safety features include a toe collision sensor, patient stability arm rests, and support bars.
• Motorized height adjustment from 4.25” to 31” from the floor Space requirements 51.25” tall x 40” wide x 25” deep

Articulating detector stand:
• Features a rugged, safe design that rolls easily to and from exam positions
• Articulations include the two-tiered nested column with lift assist, a horizontal support arm, and a rotating/tilting mount for the FDR D-EVO GL detector
• Accommodates FDR D-EVO GL 17” x 49” detector
• Small space requirements 30” high x 23.25” wide x 40” deep

Additional Information

Additional Information


FDR D-EVO GL - Flat Panel Detector for FDR D-EVO GL System
Scintillator - GOS (Gadolinium oxysulfide) Tightly packed phosphor combined with proprietary ISS
Detector exteranl size - 52.7 x 22.3 x 20.0 inches
Weight - Approx. 43.0 lbs.
Pixel pitch - 150 um
Pixels - 8228 x 2831 pixels
Image preview - 17 x 49 in. size reading: 9-20 seconds. 17x17 in. size reading (single detector segment) : 6 seconds
Cycle time - 17 x 49 in. size reading: 26 seconds 17 x 17 in. size reading(single detector segment) : 10 seconds

Power Supply Unit
Dimensions - 4.7 x 15.3 x 14.0 inches
Weight - 19.2 lbs.
Voltage - 120VAC

More Information

Electric motorized elevation - 120VAC
Range of travel - 5.25 - 54 inches (lowest); 31 - 79 inches (highest)
Cart dimensions - 51.25 x 40 x 25 inches
Weight - Approx. 150 lbs. (without detector)
SID - Approx. 80-95 inches required for full 50 inch field captured
Virtual grid Software (optional) - Eliminates needs for physical grid and lowers dose techniques
Physical grids (optional) - 10:1 ratio, 103 lines/in. 6:1 ratio, 103 lines/in. 8:1 ration, 103 lines/in.