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EVA Vet Veterinary Dental Digital Sensors

EVA Vet Veterinary Dental Digital Sensors
EVA Vet Classic - The New Generation in Digital Dental Sensors Good Dental Health Means Better Animal Health


EVA Vet Classic #2 Digital Dental X-Ray System

EVA Vet, the market-leading filmless digital dental radiography system that produces high resolution, diagnostic quality images. Using patented Active CMOS technology, EVA Vet produces high efficiency, low noise images that are digitalized and transmitted to any computer via standard USB port.

EVA Vet's manufacturing process has been further developed to provide a more robust, stronger sensor than ever before. Relating to the experience in the veterinary industry, EVA Vet is now in its 3rd evolution, to provide enhanced, long lasting performance. A stronger, more secure sensor but with the same, time-tested image quality that EVA Vet has always had and is famous for.

Made in the U.S.A.