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Service Contracts

X-Ray Equipment Service and Maintenance Contracts

We offer contracts that can be configured to meet the needs of your organization.


Why get a service contract? Manufacturer's warranties only cover equipment for a period of time after purchase. Equipment that is used every day will need general maintenance and parts. Using our service engineers means using someone that specializes and has the experience with your equipment.


Full Service Maintenance Contracts - Let us preschedule all your equipment planned maintenance requirements. Our full service contracts move the risk of expensive part replacement from your budget into a fixed cost solution.
Labor Only - Buy a block of labor at a set rate. Cover your labor costs at a fixed rate.
Time and Materials - Get that block of labor and materials at a great rate. Pay for services on an as needed basis. You control the maintenance schedule based on your facility needs.


Contract customers enjoy benefits like priority dispatch for service calls and automatic maintenance scheduling.  Coverage area is within the United States.


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