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DX-D 100+

DX-D 100+
The DX-D 100+ FREEVIEW™ portable DR system with MUSICA image processing and high DQE Cesium detectors offer outstanding dose reduction potential. FREEVIEW allows safe unobstructed transport throughout the facility.


The DX-D 100+ is a portable DR system that includes the productive and easy to use NX Workstation as well as award winning MUSICA image processing! DX-D 100 FREEVIEW™ units provide safe, unobstructed visibility and transport throughout the facility especially in critical care areas crowded with overhead equipment. High-DQE Cesium DR panels provide dose reduction potential. The DX-D 100+ is extremely maneuverable. Large rear wheels and sensitive positioning controls on the system and tube head allow technologists to safely and easily maneuver the DXD-100+. Offering 20, 32, 40 and 50kW generators, the DX-D 100 is like an x-ray room on wheels
Additional Information

Additional Information

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• Fully motorized, heavy duty solution
• Wireless mobility for improved flexibility and infection control
• Batteries and configuration provide maximum power and autonomy
• Powerful generator reduces exposure times and delivers sharper images
• Ergonomic and maneuverable in restricted spaces
• MUSICA empowered
• FreeView Technology