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DRW Grid Pro

DRW Grid Pro
The DRW Grid Pro is lightweight with three layers of impact absorbing material. Available in dual and single handle designs.


DRW Grid Pro

The DRW Grid Pro is the latest in DR panel protection. Our rugged encasement will provide
shock absorbing protection if dropped. With three layers of impact absorbing material and a high
impact vinyl alloy frame, you can transport your valuable DR panel with confidence.

Device Options
• Available with any grid
• Available with carbon fiber weight bearing panel
• Single or dual handle design

• For use with wireless DR systems utilizing cassette sized DR panels

Dimensions and weight of dual handled design
• W x D x H
• 21" x 17.5" x 1.095''
• Weight: 1.25 lb + grid

• Your choice of Lysholm, Mitaya, or Soyee

• Designed to fit in most mobile DR bins
• Customization available

• Rigid, vinyl alloy Corners
• Thermoplastic polyurethane Handles
• ABS plastic Latch
• Acital plastic Interior Shock Pads
• PSA backed and skinned, urethane foam Colors
• Combination of black and silver