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If you are thinking of upgrading to digital radiography, consider the DelWorks Medical DR -- the easy and affordable way to upgrade an existing general radiographic room to digital. Upgrading to digital radiography will streamline the imaging process in any facility allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently.

The DelWorks Medical DR is available in Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator and Gadolinium Oxysulfide Scintillator



Del Medical Delworks Medical DR


Key benefits of the Del Medical DelWorks Medical DR include:

  • Varian Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
  • DelWorks Acquisition & Processing Software
  • Varian 4336 7.5 megapixels (3072 x 2560 pixels)
  • Varian 4343 9 megapixels (3072 x 3072 pixels)
  • Barcode Reader
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Additional Information


Tech Specs

Cassette Size: 14" x 17" (36 x 43 cm) and 17" x 17" (43 x 43 cm)
Model: Varian PaxScan 4336R or 4343R Portable Solid State Flat
Technology: Amorphous Silicon Matrix with Charge Well Pixel™ Technology
Scintillator: Cesium Iodide (CsI) or GadOx (Gd2O2S) Gadolinium Oxysulfide
Pixel Size: 139 μm
Resolution: 3.6 lp/mm
Megapixels: 7.5 megapixels 3072 x 2560 pixels (4336R)
9 megapixels 3072 x 3072 pixels (4343R)
Active Area: 35.3 x 42.4cm (4336R)
42.4 x 42.4cm (4343R)
Image Depth: 16 bit A/D conversion with 14 bit output (16384 gray levels)
Image Preview: ≤ 1 second
Cycle Time: 8-10 seconds (4336R 14x17 CsI)
7.1-10 seconds (4336R 14x17 GadOx)
6-8 seconds (4343R 17x17 CsI)
7.1-10 seconds (4343R 17x17 GadOx)
Detector Size: 18.1" x 15.1" x 0.6" excluding cable (4336R)
18.5" x 18.5" x 1.4" (4343R)
Cable: 8M extension (4343R)
N/A - Fixed (4343R)
Detector Weight: 8.6 lbs. (4336R)
16.5 lbs. (4343R)
Housing Material: Aluminum
Sensor Protection: Carbon fiber plate and aluminum

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