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Cuattro In Room Retrofit

Cuattro In Room Retrofit
Light-weight, super-thin, and cassette sized housing guarantees ease of use for insertion into existing tables, wall-stands, and Bucky systems.


Features of Cuattro Retrofit

•Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) and Auto Synchronization Modes

•Completely wireless operation with the fastest data transfer rates

•Optimized fit in a bracket or bucky - same size as film/CR cassettes 

•Super-stable wireless connection with working distances over 100’

•Faster image transfer than wired detectors

•Three batteries included with triple charger

•Over 150 consecutive images per battery charge

•4 hours of run time at 21˚C (75˚F)

•2 hour charge time per battery (from empty)

•On-board storage for up to 100 images

Additional Information

Additional Information


Mechanical Conditions:

•Weight: 2.9 Kg (GOS) / 3.1 Kg (Csl)

•Outer Dimensions (WxHxT) cm: 46.0 x 38.4 x 1.5 Image Geometry:

•High resolution: 3.4 lp/mm

•Image size: 14 x 17 inches (35 x 43cm) Electrical Performance:

•Battery performance - 150 images for 4 hours (100 sec. cycle)

•Power - 7.4V 4000mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

•A/D Conversion Dynamic Range: 14 bits

•Image Readout Preview (wireless): 3 Seconds

•Sensitivity @ RQA5 beam, 25°C: 145LSBs/uGy

•Image Interface Data Rate/(IPv4): Gigabit

•X-Ray Generator Range: 40-150 kVp

•Digital output: 16 bit

•WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n): 2.4/5.0 GHz X-Ray Performance:

•Detector Technology: a-Si TFT w/PIN Diode

•Scintillator: CsI:Tl / Gadolinium Oxide

•Grayscale: 16384 grayscales Operating Environment:

•Temperature: 15 to 35º C

•Humidity: 30 - 85% High Capacity Battery and Charger:

•Lithium-polymer battery

•2 hour full recharge

•4 hour battery operation

•Three batteries included

•Additional batteries optional


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