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Cuattro Arcus Mobile

Cuattro Arcus Mobile
Arcus - mobile DR Solution - a smarter direction in Digital Radiography that is affordable.


Cuattro DR - Arcus Mobile DR Solution

The CloudDR Arcus Mobile provides flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing and off-axis-angle projections. It is designed to be simple and flexible and provides the best value in total cost of ownership over many years. A cloudDR configuration is available whether you need to upgrade a crowded emergency room, a small private office or a primary imaging department.

The CuattroDRâ„¢ touchscreen wireless acquisition tablet can be easily removed, allowing it and the wireless detector to be shared with other portable X-ray devices. They can also be deployed as an in-room imaging solution with permanent X-ray installations. This flexibility makes next day loaner replacement possible (if necessary), substantially reducing down time due to system repairs. This is in contrast to integrated on-board CPU workstations that require on-site technician diagnosis and remotely deployed parts for repair.

Additional Information

Additional Information


CloudDR Arcus Features: GENERATOR

• Constant Potential KW ratings: 20, (32, 40 and 50 available)

• Kvp Range in 1Kvp Range in 1 KVp steps: 40 to 125 (150 optional) Accuracy: +/- (4% + 1mA)

• Exposure time range: 0.001 - 10 seg. Accuracy: +/-(2% +0.1ms) • mAs range: 0.1 - 500mAs

• Operation Independent from mains supply: Standard

• Collimator: Manual with electronic timer and meter

• Anatomical programmer: 492 views

• Automatic exposure control: Optional

• Connection for Bucky: Optional

• Remote Wireless: Optional

• Line voltage range and phases: Single - Phase line automatic regulation from 100 - 240 Vac (+/-10%)

• Motor Driven Unit: Standard

• Weight: 541Kg