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Chiropractic digital x-ray equipment is now very affordable. Your Chiropractic office can now be converted to utilize computed radiography (CR) with a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), or even go fully digital with a Digital Radiography (DR) system.


Save time by not having to wait for images to be processed. Digital X-ray gives you almost immediate results that you view on a monitor. These clinical monitors are high resolution and are made for viewing medical images. The images are stored in a PACS system. The PACS can offer additional options such as real-time consultation over the web.


Save space by not having a darkroom, films, chemistry, and other supplies that go along with conventional film processing. Your practice becomes environmentally friendly by only printing hardcopy images when needed.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your current office, or get an x-ray machine for a new office. Make the most of your investment both for cost and time savings.


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