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Get exceptional performance and superb image quality for diagnosis, image sharing and film archiving. This laser imager includes CR, DR, full-field digital mammography printing capabilities, and much more.
• Print up to 200 films per hour with super-sharp 650 ppi resolution
• Utilize on-demand printing with three film drawers/five film sizes
• Add an optional five-bin sorter for easy retrieval of films by modality



DryView 6850 Laser Imager

Superb image quality
Print every image on every film size with super-sharp 650 dpi resolution—meeting the spatial resolution needs of digital mammography. Maintain film-to-film consistency with Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC).

Broad printing capability and added productivity
Print from CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM, PACS, digital fluoroscopy, full-field digital mammography (FFDM), and more. Five film sizes serve multiple modalities requiring quick access to patients' studies. True-size images and high throughput (up to 200 films per hour). Compact, versatile, and affordable solution for any radiography department.

Easy to use
Multilingual touch-screen interface with instructional video simplifies operation and training. Film cartridges load in full room light. Each cartridge holds 125 film sheets to minimize loading frequency. Optional five-bin top-mounted sorter provides quick access to desired patient films by modality.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Centralized Yes
Table Top No
Throughput Time to first print: 60 seconds
Up to 200 films per hour
Media DryView Laser Imaging Film
Blue or clear 7-mil polyester base
Daylight-load film cartridges
125 sheets/cartridge
Lifetime (100+ years) film archivability (oncology, mammography, pediatrics, etc.)

Film Sizes
Each of three film drawers holds any of the following sizes online:
14 x 17 in. (35 x 43 cm)
14 x 14 in. (35 x 35 cm)
11 x 14 in. (28 x 35 cm)
10 x 12 in. (25 x 30 cm)
8 x 10 in. (20 x 25 cm)
Supply Tray Capacity 125 sheets/cartridge
Connectivity Integrated DICOM interface supports printing from DICOM print modalities
Connect non-DICOM modalities using PACS Link Medical Image Managers
10/10/1000 (supports jumbo frame) BaseT
Ethernet connection to imager
Network connection via CAT5 UTP cable terminating in an FJ-45 plug
Dimensions Height: 45.1 in. (116 cm)/58.6 in. (148.8cm) with sorter, Width 29 in. (73.7 cm), Depth 25 in. (63.5 cm)
Weight of Equipment Weight: 587 lb (267 kg)/632 lb (287 kg) with sorter
Power Requirements Universal power 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; maximum 15 amps
Operating Conditions N/A
Safety N/A
Additional Accessories OPTIONAL HARDWARE
Film Drawer
Film Sorter
Mobile Kit
Seismic Kit