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Enterprise Infrastructure Architect/Developer

We are looking for a senior team member with experience with design and implementation of enterprise level information systems.  This individual must be interested in working with a variety of application development environments.  Candidates interested in only working on single technology stacks will not be a good match.  The company is currently looking to integrate several independent systems into a single corporate information system over the next few years.  A successful candidate must be prepared in assist in creating integration and migration strategies as we drive towards a unified system.

A candidate is expected to:

Contribute to the complex aspects of current and future company implementation of enterprise applications.

  • Reviews and addresses problems associated with information systems.  Ensure the applications will adequately support the organization user needs.
  • Resolve complex problems with existing applications systems.
  • Analyzes system requirements and ensures that systems will offer security and will be effectively integrated with current applications.
  • Ensures that all systems are working at optimal levels and offers support to application development department regarding new technologies and system requirements.

Has knowledge of infrastructure, application programming, and web and software applications.

  • Develops and modifies an organization's applications systems including encoding, testing, debugging and documenting programs.
  • Ensures that programs can be integrated in the applications systems.
  • Assists in implementing new applications systems.

A candidate should have experience in:

  • Architecting and implementing enterprise solutions that:
  • Spanned multiple departments and roles.
  • Required integration with internal and external information systems.
  • Supported multiple methods of user access: Web, Local Client and mobile.

Developing applications

                On Enterprise Platforms

                Web Applications

                One off solutions.

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