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GEMSS - KMC 650 C-arm

GEMSS - KMC 650 C-arm
Mobile surgical fluoroscopic X-ray system. Ergonomical high performance.

Compact design provides more free space for operation

Capable of long time and multi-frame recording

Supports multi-selection of frames/sec (max 30 frame)



Mobile Surgical Fluoroscopic X-ray System

The KMC-650 is a compact and economical C-arm system suitable for various applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms. With its 1K CCD camera, the KMC-650 produces excellent high resolution images and promotes precise diagnosis and safe operation. User defined function keys provide pre-sets for dose management and image calibration per imaging area. The compact design and wide C-arc save space and increase flexibility, while the expanded free space and 135° orbital rotation increase patient access, decrease re-positioning and improve efficiency to assure the highest quality imaging and improved workflows in each clinical application.

• Compact design provides more free space for operation
• Capable of long time and multi-frame recordering
• Supports multi-selection of frames/sec [max 30 frame]

Easy to read user interface, Laser Guide, Smart Foot Switch, DICOM 3.0

Additional Information

Additional Information


High Frequency Generator


Lower Dose

- Virtual collimator

- Pulse mode

-Air Kerma

-Laser guide


Monoblock Type Tube


1K x 1K High Resolution CCD Camera


High Resolution B/W 19" LCD Medical Grade Monitors



Three-field 9" Image Intensifier


135° Wide Orbital Rotation with Large SID Distance


Easy Archiving and Documentation

- Dicom 3.0

- CD/DVD Burner

- Thermal Printer

- USB Port


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