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Cuattro Arcus Mobile

Cuattro Arcus Mobile
An easy to use, easy to deploy form factor. The CloudDR Arcus Mobile is better and affordable.


The CloudDR Arcus Mobile provides flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing and off-axis-angle projections. It is designed to be simple and flexible and provides the best value in total cost of ownership over many years. A cloudDR configuration is available whether you need to upgrade a crowded emergency room, a small private office or a primary imaging department.

Additional Information

Additional Information


CloudDR Arcus Features: GENERATOR

• Constant Potential KW ratings: 20, (32, 40 and 50 available)

• Kvp Range in 1Kvp Range in 1 KVp steps: 40 to 125 (150 optional) Accuracy: +/- (4% + 1mA)

• Exposure time range: 0.001 - 10 seg. Accuracy: +/-(2% +0.1ms) • mAs range: 0.1 - 500mAs

• Operation Independent from mains supply: Standard

• Collimator: Manual with electronic timer and meter

• Anatomical programmer: 492 views

• Automatic exposure control: Optional

• Connection for Bucky: Optional

• Remote Wireless: Optional

• Line voltage range and phases: Single - Phase line automatic regulation from 100 - 240 Vac (+/-10%)

• Motor Driven Unit: Standard

• Weight: 541Kg


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