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MXRevolution OTC Radiographic System

MXRevolution OTC Radiographic System
This heavy-duty overhead tube suspension system offers the most flexible configuration choices to fit your growing needs. Designed for advanced imaging suites to accommodate high patient volumes with maximum efficiency.


Overhead Tube Crane
Easy to position with user friendly front display digital readout of SID and horizontal tube rotation angle.

Elevating Four-Way Float Top Table
Heavy-duty 650 lb. (295 kg) patient weight capacity with vertical rack and pinion lift system. The heavy-duty motor assures smooth and quiet operation.

Vertical Wall Stand
Slim design with true-speed bucky and 10:1 grid. Sturdy, smooth, vibration-free movement for weight bearing studies.

Choice of HF-APR and DR ready generators ranging from 32 - 80 kW with hand switch and pedestal mount and a variety of options.

Manual or automatic collimation.

X-Ray tubes - 300 and 400 kHU.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Specifications System Options:
MXDR Digital Upgrade Package
AEC size-sensing cassette trays
12:1 and 8:1 grids
Integrated table-side hand switch
Wall satnd patient handgrip
Table patient handgrips
Compression device
Lateral cassette holder

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